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By P.C. van der Vliet (Eds.)

The critical function of RNA in lots of mobile methods, in biotechnology, and as pharmaceutical brokers, has created an curiosity in experimental tools utilized to RNA molecules. This publication offers scientists with a finished choice of completely verified updated manuals for investigating RNA-protein complexes in vitro. The protocols should be played by means of researchers knowledgeable in common molecular organic suggestions and require no less than really expert apparatus. The systems comprise suggestion of providers of reagents.

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Although this reaction is slightly more inefficient it allows incorporation of a greater variety of modified nucleotides at any position of the centrally positioned RNA oligonucleotide and eliminates the requirement of having G-residues immediately downstream from the site of modification. A general problem when ligating RNAs using RNA ligase is the heterogeneous 3'-ends of in vitro synthesised RNAs, which give rise to a variable number of nucleotides at the site of ligation. This problem is circumvented in the Moore and Sharp method since only RNAs which match the complementary DNA oligonucleotide perfectly is a substrate for T4 DNA ligase.

4. 5 10 mM MgClz 1 mM EDTA 10 units DNase I (RNase-free from Pharmacia). 3% SDS. Equipment Swinging bucket microfuge Procedure 1. Rinse the dish (100mm) twice with 10ml ice-cold PBS. 2. Add 1ml of PBS containing 2 mM EDTA, wait 30 s, and then scrape off cells into an Eppendorf tube. Spin for 10 s at 12,000 rpm and wash pellet with 1ml PBS. 3. Resuspend cells in 300 pl lysis buffer. Vortex gently for 10 s and leave on ice for 1min. 4. Carefully underlay the lysate with 200 pl of sucrose cushion.

25 Purification of poly-A+ RNA Although the function of the poly(A)-tail on mRNAs is still an unsettled issue, this post-transcriptional modification has provided a useful handle for purifying mRNAs. Virtually all procedures are based on the original study by Aviv and Led& that used affinity chromatography with oligo(dT)-cellulose to isolate the less than 5% of total RNA that is mRNA. The general principle is that an RNA-DNA hybrid is formed between the poly(A)-tail and the oligo(dT)-cellulose at 500 mM salt, and that excess of rRNAs, tRNAs and other small RNAs can be washed away at this ionic strength.

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