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By Ian F. Jones

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To cover a one inch knob it would require about 25 inches of cord for each time the pattern is chased. The pattern should be chased at least 2 times. This means that about 50 inches of cord would be used to cover a 1 inch knob. The knob covering knot is difficult to tie “in hand” the easiest method of tying it is to make a copy of the diagram and fasten the diagram to a work board. Start by pinning the middle of the cord to the feathered end of the arrow in the diagram. Then following the path indicated, pin the cord to the diagram.

A small lamp such as an alcohol lamp or a small oil lamp works very well for fusing rope. The fusing can be done by holding the end of the rope to the side of a candle or other small flame. If the end of the rope is placed in the flame or held too close to the flame, the plastic will ignite causing the end of the rope to turn black. Burning plastic can also give off toxic fumes . If the end of the rope is held above the flame, unburned carbon particle will be deposited on the melted plastic causing it to turn black.

STEP 2: Place the twine behind the gauge then bring the twine in front of the gauge and to the right. [NOTE]: The dotted circles in each of the diagrams is used to show the position of the thumb and finger of the left hand.

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