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By Gerhard Seel, Jean-Pierre Schneider, Daniel Schulthess (eds.)

Ever when you consider that Aristotle's well-known argument concerning the sea-battle the next day to come, there was in depth and debatable dialogue between philosophers no matter if the reality of statements concerning the destiny results in determinism. Ther e is controversy approximately Aristotle's personal option to the matter, in addition to the perspectives of classical and medieval commentators on Aristotle. Seel's booklet makes an attempt to respond to this question for the Neoplatonist Ammonius (5th-6th century AD). In so doing, he additionally opens up new insights into Neoplatonic concept.

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We are convinced that the same is true of Boethius. However, his is a more complicated case and needs a separate study. For a discussion of Boethius, the reader may like to refer to the article of Mario Mignucci. Part III Ammonius On Aristotle: De Interpretatione 9 (and 7,1-17) Greek text established by A. -P. Schneider and Gerhard Seel [86] Part Π£ Ammonius on Aristotle 40 AMMONII IN L. DE I N T E R P R E T A T I O N S c. 7 [Arist. p. t>12] p. 17»38 Έ π ε ! δέ έατι τά χαθ' Ι χ α α τ ο ν (λέγω δέ μέν καθόλου των π ρ α γ μ ά τ ω ν τά δ έ ϊβ καθόλου μέν δ έπί π λ ε ι ό ν ω ν πέφυχε κ α τ η γ ο ρ ε ΐ α θ α ι , χαθ' Ι χ α α τ ο ν δέ δ μ ή , οίον ά ν θ ρ ω π ο ; μέν των καθόλου, Κ α λ λ ί α ; δέ των καθ' 15 νεαθαι ώ ; των υπάρχει τι καθ' Ι χ α σ τ ο ν , Ιχαβτον), άνάγχη δέ ά π ο φ α ί - « ή μ ή ότέ μέν των κ α θ ό λ ο υ τινί ότέ δέ έάν μέν | χαθόλου άποφαίνηται καθόλου δ τ ι υ π ά ρ χ ε ι τι ή μ ή , Ι β ο ν τ α ι έναντίαι (λέγω δέ έπι άνθρωπο; τοΰ χαθόλου λευκό; — άποφαίνεσθαι αί χαθόλου ουδείς άνθρωπο; λ ε υ κ ό ; ' ) , έπΐ τ ο ΰ 70' άποφάναει; οίον δταν δέ 'πας έπΙ 20 των καθόλου μέν, μ ή καθόλου δ έ , αύται μέν οδχ ε ί β ί ν έ ν α ν τ ί α ι , τά μέντοι δηλούμενα έστιν είναι π ο τ ε έναντία.

The Stoic point was that Aristotle gave up the principle of bivalence in the narrow sense, and, according to Kretzmann and Gaskin, Ammonius and Boethius admitted that he did. 59 A third group of scholars rejects both these interpretations of Ammonius and Boethius;60 they argue instead that the Neoplatonic solution did not give up the principle of bivalence in the narrow sense. According to this view, Boethius and Ammonius, by characterising a sentence as 'indefinitely true', do not say that it has as yet no truth value, but that the truth value it has is not predetermined by any kind of general law or fatalistic necessity.

CI) Therefore the General Causal Principle holds as well. Step two (P4) The General Causal Principle implies the Fate Principle. (C1/P3) The General Causal Principle holds. (C2) Therefore the Fate Principle holds as well. The General Causal Principle is that there is no motion without cause. The Fate Principle is that everything happens in accordance with fate. For our present purposes, only the first step is important. What, according to Chrysippus, is the relation between the truth of propositions (αξιώματα) and the causation of events?

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