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By John Middleton

Offering a finished examine the continent of Africa and the international locations that include it, this ebook describes its peoples and cultures, tune and artwork, exchange and financial system, vacation trips and fairs, tribal teams, ecology, faith, fossil and skeleton discoveries, the land and its background, paintings and structure and way of life. It examines Africa from prehistoric instances to the current day.

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Rock paintings dating back about 6,000 years show the diverse wildlife once found in the region: elephants, hippopotamuses, and crocodiles. These are gone today, replaced by species that are more suited to the desert climate. As the Sahara became a desert, the peoples of the region moved away to find better land for their farms and herds. C. About 500 years later, the Phoenicians, a seafaring people from the Middle East, established outposts along the North African coast, including what would later become Algiers.

Extended families are central to social life, polygamy* is common, and ancestors are deeply respected. Forms of witchcraft are still practiced in many areas, even among people who have converted to Christianity. Another ancient tradition that survives today is Angola’s rich oral literature— stories that have been passed down for many generations. africa_vol1 1/14/03 9:07 AM Page 31 Animals, Domestic The country’s rural inhabitants often follow the same traditions and ways of life their ancestors did.

Marine life thrives in the ocean off Angola’s coast, especially in the waters swept by the Benguela Current. Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing. Farming is the main economic activity in many areas of Angola. About 80 percent of the Angolan people are engaged in subsistence farming, in which families grow only enough food for their own use. One of the principal food crops is manioc (or cassava), a plant with thick, starchy roots that are cooked and 26 africa_vol1 1/14/03 9:07 AM Page 27 Angola * maize corn * cash crop crop grown primarily for sale rather than for local consumption See map in Minerals and Mining (vol.

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