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Hibis Temple, tucked away within the distant Khargeh Oasis, comprises the longest enormous hymns to Amun-Re ever carved in hieroglyphs. those non secular texts, inscribed in the course of the reign of Darius I, drew upon a wide number of New country assets, and later they served as resources for the Graeco-Roman hymns at Esna Temple. As such, the hymns to Amun-Re from Hibis are excellently fitted to learning Egyptian theology throughout the Persian interval, at the eve of the intended "new theology" created via the Graeco-Roman priesthood. This new learn, the 1st broad remark at the 5 liturgically attached hymns, gains new translations with particular notes. The publication additionally considers dominant theological topics found in the texts, together with the idea that of "Amun in the Iris."

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W)” (P. Anastasi I, 1,5 = Fischer-Elfert, Die Satirische Streitschrift, I, p. 17; II, p. 22). 27 28 Invocation Hymn known, and appears frequently throughout the Hibis hymns. ”  Oddly enough, perhaps the best explanation of the connection between Thoth-Moon and the epithet “god of hearts and minds” comes from Horapollo, in an explanation that would interest Athanasius Kircher: “When they want to write ‘heart’, they draw an ibis because this animal is familiar with Hermes, lord of every heart and reasoning (πάσης καρδίας καὶ λογισμοῢ δεσποτῃ), and also because the ibis is itself like the heart.

147 For Re “within his mHn-serpent,” see also Assmann, LL, p. 51. 148 Lorton has also expressed skepticism about the Opet Crypt relief (Fiery Tefnut) and its relation to Invocation Hymn However, while this is definitely a valid interpretation, the subsequent mention of Reswedja hints that the epithet should refer to Osiris, especially the solarized Osiris, rather than simply Re. Indeed, the netherworld books also represent Res-wedja within a serpent.  The figure there is an enormous ithyphallic Re-Osiris, with upraised arm, encircled by an even larger serpent.

71); Lorton: “bull of the Outpouring-of-Nun, (SAK 21 [1995]: 168, most likely inspired by Drioton’s translation of Urk. t Dr-a a(A)a-Nwn [Drioton, ASAE 44 (1944): 112]; cf. also Sethe, Amun, §140: “die Urfangsstätte, die Nun-Quelle”); Assmann: “Stier der Ausgieβung des Nil” (ÄHG, p. 298). The translation of aAa by “overflowing” should be restricted to geographic texts dealing with Nile waters such as Edfou V, 27,4: in=f n-k itrw-aA Xr a(A)a=f He brings to you the Great River bearing its overflowing.

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