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By Peter Kreeft

No factor is extra fateful for civilization than ethical relativism. background is aware now not one instance of a winning society which repudiated ethical absolutes. but such a lot assaults on relativism were both pragmatic (looking at its social results) or exhorting (preaching instead of proving), and philosophers' arguments opposed to it were really good, technical, and scholarly. In his general specified writing sort, Peter Kreeft we could an enticing, sincere, and humorous relativist interview a "Muslim fundamentalist" absolutist in order to not stack the cube for my part for absolutism. In an attractive sequence of non-public interviews, each possible argument the "sassy Black feminist" reporter Libby offers opposed to absolutism is just and obviously refuted, and not one of the many arguments for ethical absolutism is refuted.

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The Enlightenment was essentially rationalism, the exaltation of reason over faith as absolute—in Descartes, for instance. Then, in reaction against that, Empiricism, which replaced reason with sensation as the only trustworthy way to certainty. And in the nineteenth century Romanticism replaced reason with emotion. Libby: What did Empiricism have to do with moral relativism? Interview 3: The History of Relativism / 43 'Isa: Empiricism led to what's called the "emotivist theory of value": the notion that moral judgments like "murder is wrong" are really only expressions of the speaker's subjective feelings about murder rather than statements about the real, objective nature of the act of murder—in other words, that "there's nothing right or wrong, but thinking makes it so".

You don't issue commands to a machine. A command assumes the free will to obey or disobey. You don't really command animals either. You condition them; you train them. And the other side of that experience too, being commanded to do right and avoid wrong. And counseling or advising someone to do right, and avoid wrong, and being counseled. And rewarding and punishing, and being rewarded or punished. " It's justice, not just power or success. Do you see the difference? Between animal experience and human moral experience?

Libby: Well, do you think America is becoming immoral because it's not traditional? Is that the main reason? 'Isa: I think the main reason is because of the decay of the family. That's the one absolutely essential building block of any human society. And "family" means "tradition". Families are what carry on tradition, from one generation to another. "Generation"—that's a family word. Once the "generation gap" widens enough, society slips through the cracks. Good-bye. Libby: Hmmm—let's see if we can find our way back to our agenda now.

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