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By J. C. McKeown

"A cupboard of Roman Curiousities" is subtitled "Strange stories and marvelous proof from the World's maximum Empire." i presumed it sounded attention-grabbing and will be a enjoyable learn. it truly is truly lovely fascinating, yet it isn't that enjoyable. it truly is essentially a word list of Roman evidence prepared byt subject (family, nutrients, the military, etc.) yet after the 1st couple of tidbits in each one part, it truly is stretching to be pleasing. The evidence are, good, simply actual. it truly is most likely a greater ebook for selecting up and interpreting an excerpt or at a time than a entrance to again learn. i attempted to learn it via and obtained bored, yet flipping round pages was once pleasing adequate.

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Gaius Valerius Catullus is certainly one of Rome's maximum surviving poets and likewise essentially the most well known Latin authors. accomplished remedies of his paintings were hindered, in spite of the fact that, via the issues posed by way of the Catutllan assortment because it has come right down to us. even though many students now think that Catullus did put up his verse in a single or extra small volumes (libelli), the speculation that those books have been rearranged after his loss of life implies that person items stay learn and analyzed individually, regardless of their placement in the assortment.

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Zurück zu den Wurzeln. Ob Ilias und Odyssee, Caesars Gallischer Krieg oder die Äneas-Sage - wer die Weltliteratur verstehen will, muss die antiken Klassiker kennen. In rund 1. 000 Artikeln informiert das Lexikon anschaulich über die gesamte griechische und römische Literatur. Kompakte Erläuterungen zu Gattungen wie Idylle, Tragödie, Lyrik, Epos, Metrik und rhetorischen Figuren führen zu den Ursprüngen der Literatur.

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11). , was the longest uninterrupted war in antiquity. , the consul Gaius Duillius inflicted a surprise defeat on the Carthaginians in the Battle of Mylae off Sicily. He was awarded a triumph, and the right to be escorted by a torchbearer and a flute player on his way home from dinner (Livy History of Rome Summary of Book 17). The modern Italian navy has named several warships in his honor. , they were kept at bay for a long time by Archimedes’ inventions, which could pick up their ships with a metal claw (shaking the sailors out in midair), or sink them with huge missiles, or burn their sails with rays of sunlight reflected off metal panels.

41). 26 • • • • • • • • • • a c abinet of r om an c uriosities lily: not all varieties of lily cultivated in antiquity were white, but St. 18). lupin(e)s were not associated with wolves (lupi). By their bitterness they make the face of anyone who tastes them sad (St. 75). narcissus: as punishment for spurning the love of the nymph Echo, Narcissus was made to fall in love with his own reflection. ). 128) more prosaically supposes that the flower is so named because eating it causes numbness (νάρκη, narce).

When Crates of Mallos came to Rome as an ambassador from the king of Pergamum (in western Turkey). He had to open a school to make a living after he broke his leg by falling into the Cloaca Maxima (Main Drain) near the Palatine hill. Porcius Latro, a distinguished teacher of rhetoric in the Augustan period, had a pale complexion, caused by incessant study. 160). 8); it is tempting to suppose that the great author of the Metamorphoses was one of these adoring students. The poet Horace was taught by Lucius Orbilius Pupillus [literally, “Student,” a fine cognomen for a famous teacher], who published a book titled On Stupidity, in which he complains about the injustices suffered by teachers because of parents’ negligence or interference.

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