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By Patti Kim

An awesome debut and intriguing new voice in multicultural fiction.

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Shrugging my shoulders, I told her she shouldn't clean the fish in the sink because my mother never got the garbage disposal fixed because my little brother cried at the sound of it and also because a chopstick fell through and jammed it. My mother always bought her fish cleaned, and if the market was too crowded, she always cleaned her fish on the counter and threw out the unusable parts twisty-tied in a plastic bag in the garbage. Loo Lah probably brought home leftover fish from the market, fish that wouldn't sell.

She told me she would stop baby-sitting Mina," he said. Turning around, my father saw me and said with a smile, "You have to excuse me. " He set the telephone down on the air conditioner and walked toward me with his work boots still on his feet. He placed his large, open hand on top of my head, held it like a ball, then gently pushed it back so that he could take a good look at me while asking where I had been, and where my mother went. "I played at Boris's house," I said. "Where's your mother?

When I told him a blue dress, he said to lift it up and touch the place between my legs. Miss Washburn sat at her desk and ^ ate spaghetti out of a blue plastic bowl. The rest of the class was outside for recess. She and Mrs. Martin took turns monitoring the third graders' recess time, and today was her day to have thirty-five minutes of quiet to herself. Sipping from the lid of her thermos, Miss Washburn looked up at me and asked why I wasn't playing outside with everyone else. I handed her a piece of paper on which I had printed the word reliable in capital letters and asked her if she knew where it might be.

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